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At the time the events of this story took place, my wife Stacy and I were working for a large real estate development company in the Minneapolis area. We met at the company five years earlier and dated for two years before getting married, and we had a two year old daughter at the time. Stacy had just recently stopped taking her birth-control pills because we were trying to get her pregnant with our second child. Stacy was an architect in the design group, and I was a civil engineer in the construction group, so we did not have a direct reporting relationship that would be in conflict with our human resources policies. I was out of the office on job sites much of the time anyway, so we had very little contact in the office.

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Stacy was 29 years old, 5’4” and weighted 125 pounds, and was also very attractive. She didn’t fit the definition of a classic beauty, but was instead one of those sassy and sexy women that you see around who are pretty, in a teasing and seductive way. Her tussled dish-water blonde hair framed that lovely face and those piercing green eyes just perfectly. I know that she was the talk of the men in the office, and most of them likely thought that I had no right to be married to such a sexy creature. Stacy also had very firm, full and shapely C-cup breasts that had a tantalizing jiggle when she walked, and her cleavage was full and seemed to go on forever. Her ass was just perfect with well-rounded, distinct, and prominent globes of flesh that had a natural sway when she walked. I was 31 years old, and a pretty average guy at 6’1”, 190 pounds and in fairly good shape, and was considered to be handsome by many of the women I worked with.

Stacy and I had a pretty good sex life, and we usually had sex about five times per week. The only issue was that my dick was smaller than average in size, and I usually had to suck her pussy to orgasm after I ejaculated into her. This routine of oral sex eventually led me to read creampie stories on various internet websites, which naturally led to cuckold stories. We would sometimes read cuckold stories together, and then go jump into bed, fuck, and fantasize that I was the cuckold husband sucking another man’s cum from her pussy. This was all just a fantasy, and we never talked seriously about bringing another man into our bed. I also belonged to several websites with chat rooms, which Stacy was not aware of, or so I thought, and I found it enjoyable to correspond with other men, and women when I could find them, about the joys of being a cuckold and eating creampies. Some of the men that I exchanged emails with also fantasized about sucking other men’s cocks and balls, and I found that somewhat stimulating within the context of a cuckold relationship.

One night when Stacy and I were home and had been reading cuckold stories together, I began to feel ill and went to bed early. Stacy was still sexually aroused by the stories, so she went back to the computer in our den to read a few more stories and to finger-fuck herself to orgasm. When she was changing to a different website for some more stories, she noticed my Yahoo account on the history dropdown. Stacy was not even aware that I had a Yahoo account because I usually erased the history before I shut down, but I forgot to clear it that night since I wasn’t feeling well. Even worse, I had not logged out of the last Yahoo site I visited earlier that evening, and it just happened to be one of my favorites where I corresponded with other men and women about cuckolds, creampies, and bisexual sex. She didn’t tell me that she found my site, and while I slept she stayed up half of the night reading my emails, and even looking at some of the pictures I had exchanged with other members.
Instead of getting mad at me, she was sexually excited seeing how much fun I was having talking anonymously with others about our fantasies, and she knew from the dialogue that I had never met with any of those people. So, she opened her own Yahoo account without my knowledge, and started having her own conversations with other horny people. She especially liked to discuss cuckold fantasies with other men, and I knew from my own experiences that men just love it when a real woman corresponds with them. Sometimes other guys will masquerade as a woman, but you can usually tell when emails have a truly feminine touch. The women are usually not as crude as the men, and they usually lean towards being more romantic.

Stacy began sharing her most intimate fantasies with these strangers, and even sent many of them pictures from her cell phone of her breasts, pussy and ass, and she soon developed a large fan base. She had given herself the screen name of Slutty Stacy, and that excited the men even more. She told these men that she and I were a real cuckold couple, and that I arranged for her to be fucked by several men each week. She also said that I sucked all of the creampies from her well-fucked pussy, and sucked the cocks of the studs whenever she or they told me to. She even told them that I had a small dick, and sent them pictures to prove it, and told them that was why she fucked other men in the first place. The problem started when she got so many guys to correspond with that she couldn’t respond to them all with the little bit of private time she had at home on our computer. She began emailing with a few of them from work, since she had a private office and would be unlikely to be caught by snoopers, and that’s when a routine IT security review caught her in the act.
Everything seemed to be going well in our marriage and with our jobs, and our two incomes gave us a very comfortable living. However, we soon learned that these situations can change rapidly. It seems like a lot of times bad news comes to employees late on Friday afternoons, and this was the case when Stacy was called to her boss’s office at 5:00 pm on a Friday. Her boss was the vice president of new development, and his name is Jeff Sanders. Jeff was 37 years old, married and an athletic guy, standing 6’3” tall and weighing about 215 pounds. He and Stacy had a very good working relationship; even though his flirting sometimes went well beyond acceptable norms, but Stacy was able to handle it all with her vivacious personality. She seemed to be able to brush Jeff’s advances off in a humorous way without crushing his ego and it had never caused a problem in their working relationship.

Jeff called Stacy into his office and said, “Come on in and close the door Stacy. Please sit down and I’ll get right to the point. Marty Solis, the company’s IT security manager, came to me a couple of months ago with some disturbing news about you. He said that during his routine monthly review of employee computer usage, he found that you were accessing several porn websites on your company computer, and during company time. You should know that the Computer Use and Security Agreement that all employees sign each year forbids the use of company IT resources for personal use, and it specifically disallows access to pornographic sites. The penalty for that behavior can be anything up to, and including, termination.”
Stacy was sitting in her chair in shock as she listened to Jeff’s comments. She knew that she had been caught and was embarrassed, and that she was now at risk, but tried to fight back a little saying, “Jeff, I’m so embarrassed by all of this, but why the hell did you wait for two months before confronting me with this? I could have stopped accessing those sites two months ago, and maybe have mitigated the problem.”

Jeff responded saying, “Well, here’s where it gets even better Stacy. After Marty first discovered that you were accessing those porn sites, he activated the keylogger software on your computer to capture all of your key strokes. So in addition to capturing a computer record of all of the sites you visited, he was also able to record all of your user names and passwords for those sites, and we were then able to log onto them as you, and further assess your behavior.”
Stacy could barely breathe as she realized that Jeff and Marty had been able to view hundreds of emails and pictures that she had sent to various chat rooms. She stammered, “Jeff, you can’t do that! That’s an invasion of my privacy, and I can report you and Marty to human resources for doing that.”

Jeff got a cocky look on his face and said, “I don’t think you fully realize the trouble you’re in Stacy. Don’t you dare threaten me! We’ve got documented evidence of your wrong doing, and Marty did not keep records of our access to your sites. The agreement you signed gives the company permission to fully access your computer. I’ll admit that actually going onto your sites was taking things too far, but they’ll never believe you. And besides, I have helped HR with a few difficult situations, and I’m also good friends with Jim Berman, the HR vice president. They’ll certainly take my word over yours.”
Stacy began to tremble and cry as she realized that Jeff had her cornered. Even worse, the emails and pictures that they saw on her sites were devastatingly revealing, and exposed her most secret fantasies, not to mention pictures of her nude body and my cock. She finally got control of her emotions and asked, “So what do we do now? Is there any way for me to avoid serious consequences from this?”

Jeff could barely contain his joy when he said, “Wait a minute Stacy, I’m just getting to the best part. One of the men that you have been emailing, with the screen name Jumbo Jock, has been sending you pictures of his big cock, and you are always telling him how much you’d like to be fucked by him. You’ve also sent him many pictures of your breasts, pussy and ass, and you even sent a few of you finger-fucking yourself. Well guess what Stacy, I am Jumbo Jock, and those are real pictures of my cock! I also know that the pictures you sent me are really you, because some of them showed the little butterfly tattoo that you have on your right hip near your waist-line. I had seen that many times at work when your skirt slipped down a little.”
Stacy was totally embarrassed and devastated now and tried to explain, “Holy shit Jeff! All of those emails are just a fantasy for me, and I never intended to meet with another man. I just sent my pictures because it seemed to excite the men so much, and I thought that it was all just in good fun.”

Then Jeff screamed, “Good fun my ass! You were on those sites telling me and all of those other guys that you wanted them to fuck you, and now you say it was just a big tease! I guess I should have known when you always seemed to have an excuse when Jumbo Jock tried to meet with you. Hell, I used to sit in my office masturbating when I was online with you, just knowing that you were sitting down the hall rubbing your juicy clit to orgasm, or at least that is what you said you were doing in your emails.”
Stacy was now sobbing uncontrollably and said, “I’m so sorry Jeff, I never meant to hurt anyone. I just thought everyone had fun with these fantasies. So what do we do now? How can I get past this?”

Jeff seemed to calm down a little but got very serious when he said, “Here’s what we’re going to do. You and Ed are going to join me, Marty Solis and Jim Berman in my condo at the lake. Marty is involved since he discovered the whole thing and this is his payment for keeping it quiet. Jim is involved since we are good friends and we always seem to be talking about how great it would be to fuck you. Then we are going to make all of your fantasies a reality, and I’m finally going to get a piece of that pretty pussy of yours, like I’ve wanted to do since I first met you. Ed has to be involved because I don’t want him to find out later and then do something stupid. He will know what it is really like to be cuckolded by three men, and everything that entails. Your only other option is for me to instruct HR to take disciplinary action against you. So go home and talk it over with Ed, and if you decide to resolve this my way, then we’ll meet at the condo next weekend.”
Stacy was still sobbing and said, “How could I ever bring this up with Ed? He didn’t even know that I had an email account and was corresponding with all of those men. He’ll be furious with me, and I know that he won’t want to be a cuckold for real. And, oh shit, I just remembered that I’m not on my birth-control pills anymore. I can’t let you and the others fuck me!””

Jeff smiled and said, “Well, that’s your problem isn’t it? But I’m guessing that if some of your emails were correct in saying that you and Ed had role play fantasies about him being a cuckold, then maybe it won’t be a big reach for him to try it. If you’re worried about getting pregnant by us, maybe we’ll just have to use condoms, although I would much prefer to fuck you bare back and feel your wet pussy on my bare cock. Just go home and talk it over with him and let me know your answer on Monday.”
When Stacy came home from work on Friday evening, I could tell that something was bothering her, but it wasn’t until Saturday morning that she told me about the problem. Our daughter was playing with the neighbor’s daughter next door, and Stacy tearfully told me the whole story, including how she joined those websites in the first place, and how her emailing to those men got a little out of hand. But the thing that upset me the most was that Jeff was able to put both of us in this position, just because Stacy breached the IT security policies.

I was very upset with her and said, “Holy shit Stacy, you’re an intelligent woman, why didn’t you think about the company computer surveillance when you started accessing those porn sites at work? I’m not upset about you having a little fun exchanging emails with a bunch of horny guys, because goodness knows I do the same thing, but I always knew better than to use company equipment to do that sort of thing. And shit, you’re not on your birth-control pills now, and I don’t want one of those bastards knocking you up!”
Stacy was still sobbing when she said, “Oh Ed, I’m so sorry about all of this, and really don’t know what we are going to do. I haven’t had sex with another man since we were married, and never want to. We have had a lot of fun with our cuckold fantasies, but it’s a lot different to act them out. I don’t want to fuck those three men, even though Jeff does have a huge cock. Sorry honey, but it did turn me on seeing pictures of his big cock.”

Then I said, “I don’t know what to do either Stacy. I’d like to tell Jeff to fuck off, but then he’d be sure to have you fired. He’d probably also find a way to get me fired since he and Jim Berman are so tight, and then we’d really be in trouble. Let’s just think about it over the weekend and see if we can find a better solution than just giving in to them.”
This was a long weekend of soul-searching, and our nerves were frayed by Sunday night. We finally concluded that we had no real alternative but to give in to Jeff’s demands, since any other decision would be financially disastrous for our family. Stacy was really feeling bad since she caused this problem, and she promised to make it up to me. I knew that Stacy was sincere about not wanting to fuck those other men, but in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think that she was just a little excited at the prospect of seeing Jeff’s big cock up close.

Stacy went into Jeff’s office on Monday and said, “Okay Jeff you bastard, Ed and I know that you have us in a tight spot, and we will meet you and the other men in the condo this weekend. But that doesn’t mean that we will enjoy it or be overly cooperative. This is just a one-time thing and then our slate is clean. Also, you all have to wear condoms. Do you agree to that?”
Jeff was elated at our decision and said, “Great news Stacy, now we won’t have to go through that whole ugly HR mess. I don’t care if you’re not all that happy about it, so long as I finally get to suck those nice tits and sink my big cock into your sweet pussy. Given all of your cuckold fantasies, you might actually find that you enjoy it, but that certainly isn’t a requirement. If you like my Jumbo Jock cock as much as you said in your emails, I think you’ll really like it in person. You will need to bring the condoms if you want us to use them. And yes, your slate will be clean after this weekend.”

Stacy and I both were nervous wrecks all week, and we both tried to avoid running into Jeff or the other men in the office. They must have felt the same way, because none of them tried to engage us in conversation. The plan was for Stacy and me to meet Jeff at the condo at 7:00 pm on Saturday night, and then Marty and Jim would arrive at about 7:30 pm, after we had a chance to get started and Jeff had his first shot at Stacy’s sexy body. We also brought some old condoms we had left over from before Stacy got her new birth-control pills after our daughter was born.
Jeff was already at the condo when Stacy and I arrived, and he opened the door and invited us in saying, “Come on in and fix yourselves a drink. I know that you aren’t happy about all of this, and a little alcohol might help take the edge off. Then we can talk a little about what I expect from you two this evening.”

Stacy and I got our drinks and sat on the couch, and Jeff was sitting in a chair across from us. Jeff started the conversation saying, “Okay, in a few minutes we’ll go into the bedroom, and Ed you will remove Stacy’s clothes for me, but Ed, I want you to keep your clothes on. This night is about Marty, Jim and me fucking Stacy, and we don’t want to see you parading around with your little dick hard. I will then lay Stacy down on the bed and kiss her and suck her tits until she starts to get wet. Then Ed, I want you to unbutton, unzip and pull down my pants and underwear, giving you both your first real look at my big cock. From there, Ed, you will lie on your back on the bed and Stacy will get on top of you in a 69 position, and I will move in and fuck her from behind. From there, we’ll just let things take their natural course, and I’ll try to make sure that both of you experience all of the things you’ve fantasized about for so long. Then Mark and Jim will arrive and we’ll have your two mouths and a pussy to use for our pleasure for the rest of the night.”
Stacy and I didn’t have anything to say as we finished our drinks and moved into the bedroom. I unbuttoned Stacy’s blouse, and since she hadn’t worn a bra, her beautiful breasts swung into view. I then removed her slacks and thong underwear, and she was standing there nude in front of us. Her thick vulva lips were covered in well-trimmed, light brown hair, and her ass was full and round. Jeff pushed her down onto the bed and covered her mouth with his, as he began to rub those gorgeous tits. Jeff also moved his hand down her smooth belly, and after rubbing the outside of her pussy lips, he started finger-fucking her as they kissed. Jeff continued pushing his fingers into Stacy’s cunt as her broke off their kiss and he lowered his head to her full breasts. He sucked her breasts, alternating between them, and Stacy began to move her hips against his fingers and moan loudly at his attention to her breasts and pussy.

I was watching all of this from the side of the bed, and at one point Jeff pulled his mouth away from Stacy’s breast and looked at me, nodding to let me know that it was time to remove his pants. Jeff was lying sideways at Stacy’s side while he was sucking her breasts and finger-fucking her pussy, so I moved behind him to reach around and unfasten his pants. I then pulled his pants and underwear down as he lifted his hips off the bed to help me, and I was a little shocked at the size of his cock and balls as they came into view. His cock was almost hard since he was turned on being with Stacy, and I’m guessing that it was at least 10 inches long and nearly as thick as a beer can. It looked like a big salami lying there across his thigh. He also had huge, egg-sized balls hanging heavily in his scrotum, and I could now see why the pictures of him on the website excited Stacy so much. This was truly a big piece of fuck meat, and I wasn’t sure that thing would fit into Stacy’s tight little pussy.
Jeff then stopped sucking and fingering Stacy and moved up next to her head on his knees, to give her a close-up view of his massive cock. She just looked at his face and then at his cock, and began to lick her lips as that big took bounced above her and just inches from her face. As if in a trance, she opened her mouth and licked that massive cock head, which by this time was wet with his precum. She then took the head and a couple of inches of him into her mouth and started sucking him, seeming to forget all about us saying we would not cooperate or be happy about this. Jeff then pulled his cock from Stacy’s mouth and motioned for me to lie down on the bed. He helped Stacy up and she moved over me on her hands and knees in the 69 position, and I could then see and smell her pussy, and it was swollen and wet from all of the finger-fucking that Jeff had been doing to her. I lifted my head and covered her pussy with my mouth, sucking her as I had done so many times before.

I felt movement on the bed as Jeff moved behind Stacy to fuck her, and then his big cock pressed against my forehead and face as he started pushing his cock towards her pussy. I pulled away from those sweet pussy lips and said, “Wait a second Jeff. You need to wear a condom since Stacy is unprotected and in her fertile period.”
Jeff looked irritated at having to wear a condom, but he did as I asked and opened the package I gave him. I was sorry now that we hadn’t thought about how big Jeff’s cock was and maybe have picked up some new magnum sized condoms, but it was too late now. That condom had been perfect for my little dick, maybe even a little too big, but it looked tiny on Jeff’s big cock, stretched so tightly and only covering five inches of his meat. We then got back into position, and I saw the head of his condom-covered cock start to enter and separate those pretty pussy lips. I could feel Stacy tense up as that big piece of flesh pushed into her, and I knew that she must be feeling a little pain. But as he continued to push, I could feel Stacy start to move her hips back against him, trying to take more of him into her. Jeff was starting to get a rhythm going now, and it seemed that a little more of his cock slipped into her on each stroke. I could see the inner lips of her cunt pulling out with his cock and then pushing back in. It only took a few minutes before most of that big cock was fucking into her, and Stacy was going berserk with the feeling of having her pussy stuffed like that.

Stacy was panting and could hardly speak as she screamed, “Fuck me harder with that big cock you bastard! I can feel your meat pressing against my cervix. Fuck me and shoot your semen into my womb!”
Hearing Stacy say those things was a big turn on for me, and I began to lick the bottom of that big cock as he thrust into and pulled out of her and I also sucked and licked those big balls as he dragged them across my face. I could hardly believe that I would suck him like that, but in the heat of the moment, seeing the pleasure that he was giving my wife, it seemed like the natural thing to do, and was just like so many of the stories I had read. This was the fulfillment of one of my favorite fantasies, and I continued to suck and lick both his genitals and Stacy’s pussy as they fucked above my face. He was fucking her furiously now, and Stacy was pushing back against his thrusts in a fit of passion that I had never seen before.

From my position with my face just below Stacy’s pussy, I noticed on the out strokes that the small condom was sliding up on Jeff’s massive cock, and it was also starting to rip. I began to panic and tried to warn them about the condom, but just as I was about to speak, Jeff pushed one last time into Stacy’s pussy and held himself there. I could see his big balls pull up and the base of his cock start to throb and pulse, and I knew that he was filling my sweet wife’s fertile pussy and womb with his sperm.
Jeff was almost incoherent as he said, “Oh fuck, that is the tightest little pussy I’ve ever had, and I can feel Stacy’s vaginal muscles squeezing my cock and milking my balls right into her womb, and I am pressed right against her cervix! Shit, I can feel her wetness, and it’s almost like I’m not wearing a condom. Come one Ed, keep sucking my balls, and when I pull my softening cock out of that sweet cunt, I want you to pull the condom off and take me into your mouth and clean off our fuck slime. Then, I want to see Stacy sit on your face as if she was feeding you our combined cum, just like in your fantasies.”

I was struggling to let them know what had happened with the condom, and finally got a chance to say, “Oh fuck. That condom was too small for Jeff’s cock, and might have been too old and brittle, because it looked like it was slipping off and shredding just before Jeff ejaculated into Stacy’s pussy!”
Stacy was so enthralled at having been fucked by that big cock, that she either didn’t hear what I said about the condom breaking, or maybe it was just that natural female instinct taking over when she felt Jeff’s big load of sperm shooting into her womb from that large cock, and she knew that she had just been fucked by a truly dominant man. She almost seemed to be holding herself firmly on his cock, as he continued to thrust his hips, forcing that big piece of meat into her.

Jeff’s cock was heavy and wet with their cum as he pulled out of Stacy and dropped his cock head to my lips. I could now see for certain that the condom was shredded, and all of his cum had sprayed into Stacy’s unprotected pussy. But it was too late now, and I opened my mouth and could feel the thickness of him as he pushed his big cock into my mouth. It was the first time I had ever sucked a cock, but it seemed okay since I was just making both of them happy. Jeff then helped Stacy straighten up above me, and then I felt her lower her hips until my mouth covered her swollen pussy. My mouth was flooded with their juices and the musky smell and taste of it all was almost overpowering. I continued sucking her pussy, and at one point I heard other men talking, and knew that Marty and Jim must have arrived just as Jeff was ejaculating into Stacy, and they saw me suck Jeff’s cock and knew that I was sucking his cum from Stacy’s pussy.
I heard Marty say, “Holy shit! Look at that Jim, Ed not only sucked Jeff’s huge cock, but now he’s drinking all of their cum from her pussy. Jeff was right when he said that if a couple had such strong cuckold fantasies, it wouldn’t take much to get them to experience them for real for the first time. Too bad about that condom breaking too man. Maybe they should have bought some new and larger ones to fit our big cocks. No need for us to wear a condom now, after the load that Jeff just ejaculated into her pussy. Let’s get undressed and join the party.”

Marty undressed and reached at the bed before Jim, and as Stacy finished feeding me her and Jeff’s ejaculate, and was rolling off of my face, Marty immediately pushed her back on the bed and pushed his cock into her. Marty was a pretty normal guy, and a Mexican-American at 40 years old, 5’9” tall and weighing about 170 pounds. His cock was not as long as Jeff’s, being about 7.5 inches long, but it was just as thick. His cock was also uncut and dark brown in color, and his thick foreskin covered most of his cock head. He also had huge balls in a dark scrotum sack. It was very erotic seeing that thick, dark cock pushing into Stacy’s white pussy, and it was also exciting seeing his dark balls slapping against her pretty ass as he pounded her.
Jeff had moved over to the chair, and since Marty was fucking Stacy, Jim approached the bed and said, “Okay Ed you cock sucker, just stay on your back and move your head to the corner of the bed. I will back up and squat down on your face and have you suck my balls. Then, you can suck my cock and keep it hard until Stacy’s pretty pussy is available. I can hardly wait to sink my cock into her unprotected cunt.”

Jim was a little older than the rest of us at 50 years old, and he was a bigger guy at 6’2” and 250 pounds, and he was out of shape with a beer belly. I positioned myself on the bed as he instructed me, and when I looked up to see him squatting towards my face, I was amazed at the size of his cock. He had to be at least 10 long and as thick as Jeff, and he also had large and heavily hanging balls. As he pressed his scrotum against my face and mouth, I noticed his strong musky smell, and his scrotum felt soft against my skin. I opened my mouth and licked and sucked his sack, and I could take only one of his testicles at a time into my mouth. Marty must have had tremendous staying power, because he was still pounding away at Stacy’s pussy, and Jim seemed anxious to take his turn with her.
Jim then said, “Okay Ed, roll over so I can fuck your face, and I’m hoping that Stacy’s pussy will be free for me soon.”

Jim started fucking my mouth with my head back and hanging slightly over the end of the bed. The position was just perfect for him to force part of his huge cock into my throat, and he was pounding my face just as hard as Marty was pounding Stacy’s cunt. That must have been some sight for Jeff to see Stacy and me side by side on the bed, both being fucked by big-cocked men. I know that Jim was just trying to keep his cock hard by fucking my face, but it went on a little too long due to Marty taking so long to cum.
Jim groaned and said, “Oh fuck, I can’t hold it back any more. I’ll just have to give Stacy’s pussy my second load. Get ready cock sucker, here comes my big load of semen for you.”

Then I felt Jim press even harder into my mouth, and with my lips near the base of his cock, I could feel the cum shoot through his cock, and then I could taste it in my mouth. He came heavily, and after a few squirts, the flow subsided. Jim just kept his softening cock in my mouth, slowly pushing it in and pulling it out, until he finally had enough and moved onto the couch to rest.
In the meantime, Marty was now ejaculating into Stacy, and she was screaming, “Fuck me with that dark, thick cock! I’m cumming all over your slick cock. Fuck me, fuck me fuck me and fill me with your thick semen! Push your thick cock right into my cervix!”

Just as Marty was pulling out of Stacy’s pussy, Jeff had recovered enough to get back up on the bed and he was feeding his now hard cock into Stacy’s mouth. I then moved back between her legs and sucked Marty’s big cum load from her pussy, as Marty moved up to suck her tits. Then as I finished sucking Marty’s cum from Stacy, Jim had recovered enough to want some of my wife’s pussy. He pulled me out of the way and sunk his big cock into her now-well-fucked pussy.
This orgy continued until 11:00 pm, with Jeff, Marty and Jim taking turns with either of our mouths or Stacy’s pussy. I always sucked Stacy’s pussy clean after each time she was fucked, and I also took a couple of more loads of cum straight from Jeff and Marty’s cocks. After Stacy’s first mating with Jeff, and my first experience sucking his cock and balls, there was no longer a sense of coercion. Stacy and I were living our cuckold fantasies to the fullest, and she just couldn’t seem to get enough of those big cocks. Jeff was right in saying that we would come to enjoy all of this. And as you might expect, Stacy did get pregnant that night, and we learned from the genetic tests that Jeff was the father of our son. It is little wonder since he was the first to shoot his massive load of sperm directly into Stacy’s cervix. Because of my love for Stacy, we are raising our new son as if I was the father.

Stacy and I became a real cuckold couple, and she continued to fuck Jeff, Marty and Jim from time to time, and I sucked their cocks whenever they wanted me to. Stacy also became active again on the internet as Slutty Stacy, only this time we made real hook-ups with some of the men that she corresponded with, and we also made sure that Stacy was taking her birth-control pills. Needless to say, we never did have a problem with HR and our jobs were secure.